Tegola Canadese presents UNICA, created to offer an effective solution
for roofs against the increasingly extreme effects of weather events.

Violent storms, heavy rains and hail are more and more frequent, and this can cause considerable damage to the roofs of buildings,
creating dangerous infiltrations into the roof system.

UNICA is an asphalt shingle with performance able to face the most adverse elements of nature.


UNICA is the perfect synthesis of 3 patent pending innovations
by Tegola Canadese

the new self-adhesive points sealing the nail.

The "adhesive points" represent the gluing system of the tabs, the exposed part of the shingle. In fact, the more the tabs are glued, the more they will be able to resist the destructive action of the wind and prevent water infiltration. SEAL PROOF points are made with a new design and self-adhesive compound that INCREASE THE ADHESIVE CAPACITY and at the same time SEAL and PROTECT the fixing nail.


  • The gluing surface is doubled for greater tightness of the shingle against the action of the wind;
  • The compound used is self-adhesive for perfect adhesion even at lower temperatures;
  • The area of nailing is now easily identified. This allows a quick, easy and correct nail positioning, taking the application to perfection;
  • The sealing of the nailing area protects the roof system from any water infiltration caused by the strong wind pressure;
  • The complete sealing of the nail, protected on all sides by the SEAL PROOF point, avoids the corrosion process due to contact with water, ensuring the durability of the shingle fixing to the support;

The new
“G-EVO” ceramic granules

The granules covering the asphalt shingle perform two essential functions: the first as protection of the waterproofing layer against the degrading action of UV rays, and the second as aesthetic, colouring the asphalt shingle.

Tegola Canadese has patented (patent pending) a new ceramic basalt granule, called G-EVO which incorporates two important innovations:

  • an adhesion promoter that improves the bonding of the G-EVO granule to the bituminous compound;
  • the super hydrophobicity of the granule, which drastically reduces the absorption of water


  • INCREASED ADHESION of granules to the bituminous layer. This allows a greater protection of the waterproofing layer from UV rays, giving the shingle a significantly higher life cycle than competing products. UV rays are, in fact, the main cause of the ageing and degradation of the bituminous surface.
  • SUPERHYDROPHOBICITY this process of granules protection greatly reduces the absorption of water by the granule, helping its running even in the presence of roofs with low slopes and therefore inhibiting the proliferation of microalgae and moulds that cause unsightly chromatic effects.

Technology “SR”
for exceptional resistance

Thanks to the innovative "SR" technology UNICA shingles have "unique" characteristics designed to ensure exceptional mechanical strength and durability


  • Maximum nail resistance: the asphalt shingle will not be torn by the fixing nail even if strongly stressed by the wind;
  • Resistance to tearing: UNICA multiplies the resistance to the destructive effect caused by natural atmospheric phenomena (hurricanes, water bombs, hail etc. etc.)
  • Exceptional mechanical strength. the SR technology protects the asphalt shingles from damages, even in conditions of steep slope, also having significant overloads due to snow or applicators at work
  • Resistance to tearing: during the installation, especially when finalizing details, it is important to use an asphalt shingle that does not tear, to accommodate the critical points of the roof: Unica guarantees exceptional strength as well as easy workability.

With UNICA your roof will be RESISTANT

“…As a dream became true!”

“My dream as a seller has always been the customer
to immediately understand the differences between my products and the ones from my competitors... just by seeing and touching it. 
Today with UNICA, this dream has become true.”

Luciano Mazzer