What’s new
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Innovation & quality

Tegola Canadese “re-innovates” and introduces its new shingles to the market

  • ULTIMETAL HD, with pre-painted aluminium alloy finish.
  • PRESTIGE, with copper finish.

These products are the fruit of extensive work undertaken by the company’s R&D
department, analysis, market research, stringent and careful testing of both materials and
finished products that have enabled us to reach outstanding results and to be able to bring
to the market this range of metal shingles with a sophisticated design and exceptional
performance in terms of quality and durability!

Let’s find out what’s new

“built to last”

ULTIMETAL HD “built to last”

The new ULTIMETAL HD shingles are the fruit of extensive research and development to
provide shingles with which we can create design and prestige roofing, high-performance
products with a unique and long-lasting appearance.

What are its strengths?

  1. New aluminium alloy sheet metal
  2. New type of ultra-resistant paintwork
  3. Highly UV-resistant
  4. High durability in waterproofing and visual appeal

discover new Ultimetal hd


New materials

ULTIMETAL HD shingles are manufactured with a new coil, which is the result of many months of research in selecting the very best alloy and rigorous testing of the coil in an effort to bring to the market a shingle of the highest quality and longest service life

  1. The new PVDF finish coating is exceptionally UV-resistant, thereby retaining its colour sharpness and gloss over time, for a unique and long-lasting roofing visual appeal
  2. The new aluminium alloy provides enhanced corrosion resistance for long-lasting waterproofing performance

discover new Ultimetal hd


ULTIMETAL HD is available in a “compact” form, suitable for emphasising all types of geometry,
both traditional and design-oriented roofing.

A choice of three different colours is available: Slate, Verdigris and Corten,
to enhance and lend uniqueness to each and every design or roofing

discover new Ultimetal hd


“designed for life”

PRESTIGE shingles with a copper finish is the workhorse of Tegola Canadese – unique items,
with over 30 years on the market, which have brought great satisfaction to the company and
its customers over the years, with the many roofs that have been created all over the world.
Copper has been used in roofing since the earliest of times for its intrinsic properties and for
the premium visual appeal it brings to roofs and buildings – being a living metal, it changes
colour over time as a result of oxidation and turns from a bright, lustrous colour to duller,
darker colours and eventually to “copper green”, while still retaining its quality and performance.

Over the years, Tegola Canadese has been working tirelessly to innovate its shingles,
in all its component parts, to provide increasingly high-performance products


compact plus

PRESTIGE COMPACT PLUS is the tried and tested metal shingle available
in a Compact format with its large sheet, coupled with a shingle joint cover, which enhances
its contemporary design – it now features a 100 micron “PLUS” copper sheet, a 43% increase
in thickness, which delivers a higher quality finish, for unparalleled visual appeal
and long-lasting waterproofing on roofs in all environments!

scopri i prodotti prestige compact plus



PRESTIGE TRADITIONAL embodies the tradition of shingle roofs with its beaver tail shape
and copper finish, which enjoys the benefit of high-performance adhesives for excellent
bonding of the coil to the substrate – resistance to weathering, durability
and unparalleled design also typify this model.


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Tegola Canadese is committed to providing its customers, designers, installers, contractors
and private individuals with the support they need at each stage in a project, from estimate
to construction site, with the goal of supplying them with all the information and continued
support they need to achieve the best results together – a roof designed and built to perfection! 

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